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Market players strategies- Market leaders
« on: October 10, 2013, 08:20:41 AM »
Following are the various  Strategy which is implemented by the market leaders.We have try to define the each topic in the simple language and very shortly along with example.

A) Leaders Strategy:
Many Industries contain one firm that is the acknowledge market leader.This firm usually has a large market share and leads other firm in price determination, distribution and so on.
For example: Microsoft in Computer Technology

The three Strategy of market leader are as follows:

a) New Customers:
A company can search for the new user of the product among the following three groups

>> market penetration Strategy
>> Geographical expansion Strategy
>> New Market Strategy

b) More Usage:
Marketers can try to increase the amount,level and consumptions of product.Frequency of the product can be increased in the following way:
>> Identifying the additional opportunities
>> New and different way of using the product.

c) New Usage of the product:
Here the marketers try to create a new use of the product like Washing machine is use for making lassi in the Punjab

B) Defending market Share Strategies:
While trying to expand the market share the market leader area also concern in defending the current positions.Following are five defense Strategy used by the firm to defend the current positions:

a) Position Defense:
Building a superior brand power making brand almost impregnable.
For example Nokia,Nestle etc

b) Flank Defense:
Here flank mean Weak area.You may attach the kilaas by attacking the weakest pillar of its front door.
For Example: Style is the weakest area of Prestige utensils, so Hawkings come up with new series of utensils with a great style to attack on prestige.

c) Preemptive Strategy:
Here preemptive mean proactive.A more aggressive maneuver  is to attack before the enemy attack you.In short you may have to attack the enemy before they attack on you.It is also know as Gurellia attack
For example: SBI is the biggest banking unit in India and even though there is no need of increasing the number of ATM center, it keep on increasing it ATM center.

d) Counter offensive attack Strategy:
Here the leader will meet the attacker the frontally that is both of them will compete directly.
For example: Gujarat samachar start coupon system as soon as divya bhaskar started it.

e) Mobile Defense Strategy:
Here mobile does not mean the cellular mobile phone.But Mobile Strategy mean to stretch the market domain area over new territories so that it can serve as future center for defense and offense trough.Here it is important to consider the jargon Market Bordering that is it involve shifting focus from current product to generic product.
For Example: IBM is not only in Hardware business but it also exapand in computer software.

C) Increasing the market share:
 It include increase the market share through market product innovation,reducing cost and so on .
For example: Golden watch started a luxury watch cost 4 lakhs or above.
For example: IBM is not only in computer hardware but it also expand to software.

All the above Strategies are the Strategy implemented by the market leader.Very soon we will update the Strategies implemented by challengers and market followers.If you have any question or query then leave your query over here we will answer you query as soon as possible. :)
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Market players strategies- Market leaders
« on: October 10, 2013, 08:20:41 AM »

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