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How to write SM paper?
« on: January 30, 2014, 09:54:13 AM »
How to Prepare for the Strategic Management Paper?
Before starting with topic i would like to introduce myself.I m MBA (Finance ) qualified and right now waiting for my CMA group 4 result.I have done MBA as well CMA simultaneously. I have scored 4.3 out of 5 in my MBA SM papers and 69 in SM paper of ICWAI group 3.I was in Top 10 in my class room with respect to SM marks as well over all MBA ranking.Even My SM score was over all comparatively higher than other.Besides this even most of my friends are doing dual degree simultaneously.All of them are scholar during there college time and even had score more than 70 marks in all SM papers.

Following are the some tips and suggestion to write SM papers.This are tips based on me and my friends experience.
  • Remember, SM papers is a theoretical paper, try to write some quantity paper along with quality.
  • Never left any question with out example even though it is not asked for.Answer all the question with example.
  • If I would check the SM papers then i will allocate 3/4 marks for the example only.Yes, more than half marks are allocate for the example.
    Write with neat and clean handwriting, because writing a paper itself require a strategy.
  • Since SM Paper is theoretical Papers write your answer point wise and with good presentation

    Of course, in Strategy Management, Presentation make a sense.If you want to score good marks then present the paper well.This is because being a theory papers you will write the paper lengthy and paper checker do not have enough time to check such a lengthy papers.
  • Refer 'Kotler' for Marketing Management topic and 'Thomsan and Stickland' for other SM topics.This two book are enough to score highest marks in SM papers.

    You can purchase this book from your local store or you can also borrow this book from your friend doing MBA, this book are textbook for the all MBA students, you will easily find this both book with MBA students.Further, if you find the language of the book difficult (Since both of then are foreign author) then you can download the materials including ppt presentation from our website at

    Strategic Management Ppt & Notes

    Marketing ppt presentation & Notes

    Ppt Presentation for SM papers prepare by students with 5 example for each topics
  • Make a Habit of preparing the notes or prepare directly from the ppt. This is because it is not possible to revise the entire syallbus on the day of exam.
  • Always be prepare for the analytical paper of SM, around 30 marks question are asked for analytical question or case study.
  • Never assume a direct question for SM papers, question are always asked in case study formats.

    For example: Even though Nike Shoes are prepared by a Cheap lab-our of Asia, it cost high. Why?

    Above question is indirectly asking for the Pricing of Nike Shoes.You have to refer here the pricing chapter of Marketing Management that how company price there product with reference to Nike shoes.

    FOR ICWAI SM PAPER: The following tips are the for the 2008 syllabus, but of course you can also refer for the 2012 syallbus since some of them are common for both syllabus.

    • Around 30-40 marks are generally asked from the last 3 chapter of Risk Management.So first finished those chapters.
    • Prepare Study note 4 Marketing Management from 'Kotler' only.
    • There will be compulsory one case study in the exam. of course you can skip the case study with any other OR options but in that case be prepared for other chapter.
    • Study Note 9 refer to Case Study, its Ok if you left that chapter if you do not have enough time.But refer it once to know how to write the case study.

      If you want to refer some other case study on SM then you can again go for the 'Thomsan and Stickland' book, the book itself it consist of two part and second part include more than 100 Case study on SM.
    • Please do not skip any model from Study note 3, at least one question on model are asked from the study note 3
    • Prepare the objectives question from Scanner and Compendium.No need of refereeing any other book for objectives question.You can easily score 25 out of 25 marks by refereeing scanner and compendium itself.
    • Again, do not left any question without writing an example. Example is must for any answer in SM paper.
    • In case of Risk Management question of last three chapter, refer the Scanner and compendium.Risk Management are generally repeated from the past year papers.
    • Refer RTP provided by the Institute.Further, if you have enough time then refer the past two year RTP, i m sure you will score more than 70 marks in that case.

      RTP (Revisionary test papers)
    • At Last, do not forget the Suggested Answer.

      Here i would like to share one truth, in my whole CMA, i have never refer the Suggested answer.This is because i think scanner itself is the suggested answer.All the answer in the scanner are from suggested answer itself then what is the need of doing suggested separately?
      But still i recommended to do Suggested answer, it really help a lot.

    • If you enough time then you can also refer the practice papers provided by the Institute.

       Finally, If you do not have enough time to go through all, then refer the scanner and compendium for getting the passing marks.

    If you have any query or question regarding SM subject then share with us in this category.(Please start a separate thread for your query)Me and my friends are always there to sort out your queries.  :) :)
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How to write SM paper?
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