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Some personalized Interview tips
« on: May 05, 2014, 08:18:41 AM »
Some personalized Interview tips :

 Hello Friends
 I am sharing some personalized interview based on my experience @CMA Mumbai Campus by ICAI Some of the question are specified for Cost Accountants but HR question are generic, it will also help other non CMA students too. This is the reason I have share this tips in placement corner so that everyone can benefited from this.
 Some personalized Interview tips :

Ø  Be focused for a day: Interview is not all about how good you are in the academic, but it is all about how you managed yourself on day when interview is held. In my both Interview- Neyveli and ITC, my interview was conducted at 7 PM in the evening though we are there for a whole day since morning. During my Final round of ITC, they called as 11 Am but took interview at 3 PM. This is because they are looking how much patience we have and how will we handle stress.
Ø  Be prepared well: Prepared well for the interview. Generally two round are held by big companies;
 Technical Round: If you are fresher then the HR personnel will expect more on academic side. But remember this doesn’t mean that you must be a master of it. They know you are fresher, so they will ask you book only. In a very rare case they will ask you typical questions
 >> Clear your basic concept, do not mugged up the definition. They will never ask you “define” but they will tell you “what do it mean”
 >> I strongly suggest you to go through the glossary given at the end of the book. Remember, you will find the all key term in the glossry itself.
 >> Be prepared well with at least one subject. In 99% of interview they will ask you your favorite subject and will ask from the same.
 >> Never answer that your favorite subject is “Taxation”, though you are master with Taxation try to avoid this subject. Go for other subject where the only options left with HR guys is to ask a questions on basic concept but in taxation they can ask you a current rate or case study. So better avoid taxation paper.
 >>Do not mugged up the answer, company donot want a book worm. For example: ITC guys asked me what do you mean Strategic Management?
 Don’t answer the question with a typical definition unless ask for. Instead explain them in easy language with example. For this question I had answered that it is a game where all are playing with each other for winning the game. For example: To clear my CMA in first attempt I had made certain strategy.
 >> Your basic should be clear. Believe or not, but 90% question are asked from our HSC book. They are more interested in the base not the advance.
 >> Prepared well the following subject: Financial accounting, Cost accounting and Indirect taxation. Generally these questions are asked from this three subjects.
 >> Goggle out the question before appearing for interview. Remember generally same question are repeated at every time. For example: In 99% of interview they will ask you about NPV and IRR.
 >> Generally don’t go deep in the subject. You don’t have to answer the question in a descriptive manner that is a long easy. You just have to answer the question in maximum 4 lines.
 >> Please refer the name of all subjects once before appearing for interview.
 >> Generally at first level of interview, open question is asked on Accounting standard. For example I was asked explain AS 28,17 and 11.
 >> More specific question are asked as and when you move at the final round and even that will be at intermediary level questions for a fresher students.
 >> I will suggest you to go through the Multiple Question Answer. This will check your knowledge for the basic concept. 
Ø  HR Round: The second round would be HR Round. That is here they will not asked you any academic question but instead they will talk with you informally. If you have clear the technical round then that would be a positive sign for you, because if you are honest then you will easily clear this round.
 >> Be honest, just try to be what you are. There is no need of being artificial. Some of my senior had informed me that if they ask you about the location flexility then you must immediately answered, Yes, I m flexible.
 I fully agree with answer. Never answered that I will think about it. But I would like to add one more statement over here. Don’t be artificial, during my ITC interview I had replied that Yes I m mobile but my father don’t prefer east side of country unless he is assure of my security.
 I know I should not answer this question like this. But let me tell you after passing through five rounds of ITC, to some extent I had become familiar with the ITC guys and you know what they are looking for the simple guys.
 Actually they were planning to placed the students at Bihar, where they will provide you all security but still they said that we must avoid being out after 6PM at bihar. Since I was not artificial, they like my attitude and was assure that if I got placed at bihar I will work best over there. So guys don’t try to be artificial unless and until it is required.
 >> Use technology to the optimum. They are many HR apps available on internet or on your smart phone, download any one of them. This apps will guide you through all HR questions. Basically same HR questions are asked in all Interview likes
 Tell me about Yourself?
 Why would like to join our company?
 How will you contribute to our company?
 so on….
 >>  Prepared a list of above questions and answers and prepared well.
 >>Always try to convert your negative points in to positive statement. For example: If they ask you what is your greatest weakness then you must answer that I am workcohlic that is I work to hard.. This will be your negative point which will automatically convert in to positive statement.
 >> The most important point to be noted is about the body language and communication skills.P Please make a note that you must fill confident during whole interview. Look in to there eye and talk informally. HR guys like students who can speak freely.
 I got selected at ITC because starting from my first round to last round I had never fill nerveous. I went over  there, they asked me question and came back that’s it…Why should we worried.
 >> Always make them feel special.
 >> If possible then attend any mock interview before appearing for the final interview.
Ø  Take your own decision that is don’t ask anyone what  should I do. Of course, take there refrence but do what you want to do. During my Mumbai campus I had a option to go for ITC as well as WIPRO. When I ask other students which should I prefer, some of them said WIPRO while some other said ITC. But you know what preferences would depend on the circumstance. The one who do not like Information technology will not prefer WIPRo, similarly one from kolkatta prefer ITC..
 But what about us. It is not necessary that we face the same situation. Further what is the use of asking all students since only 80 students are got shortlisted for the ITC.If you are asking the students who did not get shortlisted by ITC then of course you will get dump questions.
 Sorry but what I want to share is that selection of company will depend on my factor like family; your hobby etc and this can’t be same for all. SO TAKE YOUR OWN DECISION. 
Ø  At Last but not the Least, if you want to get selected then enjoy the interview. Yes my interview was held at 7PM and at that time I have observed that the HR guys was yawing completely. But if you talk frankly with them then they will enjoy it. But of course, EVERYTHING MUST BE IN LIMIT.
Ø  Be prepared well for interview. I think I should not share the basic tips like:
 Switch off your mobile.
 Don’t talk too much.
 so on…
 this all question are common to you all. 
Leave a feedback or comment over here in this forum if you have any query or want to elaborate any of the above points in details.

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Some personalized Interview tips
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Re: Some personalized Interview tips
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Re: Some personalized Interview tips
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We had written a nice article on the same but sorry we had deleted it to avoid any objection or policy violation from ITC since i got recruited by them and now i am part of that company.

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Re: Some personalized Interview tips
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