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Tips for MBA finance project report writting
« on: January 27, 2012, 11:03:59 PM »
Always students find themselves at loggerheads when faced with the uphill task of writing custom Project Report on Finance Topics like Ratio Analysis, Mergers & Acquisitions and Performance of Shares in Stock Exchange.

There are simple steps which one has to adopt while preparing for a Project Report on Finance:

    Get balance sheet and profit and loss account of the company for five years.
    The data will help you to get key ratios like current ratio, liquidity ratios, profitability ratios, solvency ratios, valuation ratios and du-pont model.
    Understand the fund flow and cash flow analysis
    Read the Management Discussion portion of the annual reports to get insight into the functioning of the company
    Try to get some industry reports and understanding the industry outlook and overview in which your selected company is doing business
    Your Project Report on Finance should invariably contain company profile, financial performance analysis, industry information on market share, market segmentation and future forecasts.

The secret of having written a quality Finance Project Report for MBA lies in establishing the objectives of study. Your introduction chapter should contain the following:

    Background of the Study - Why you have selected the company and a brief description as to the problems encountered in conducting financial analysis and the advantages derived from the same
    Aim and Purpose of Study - The objectives of study should be of two types- Primary and Secondary-and your project report on finance should be able to establish the objectives of study conclusively.
    Research Methodology- The research design should have information on sources of data, tools of data collection, tools of data analysis, sample size, sampling method and validity and reliability of the research methodology.
    Data Analysis, Interpretation and Presentation should be done with help of tables, charts, figures, key ratios, formulas, etc.
    The Project Report on Finance should have good conclusion with recommendations, suggestions, implications of study and directions for further research.

The Project Report on Ratio Analysis though initially may appear to be dry topic but it is really interesting and when performed and tested on company produces commendable results. The financial crisis has already thrown many financially strong companies out of business all over the world. All these have happened because they were not able to face the challenges and the unexpected changes in the economy.

Your MBA Project Report is a potent weapon which can be used to understand financial strength of a company. Financial distress for a company is the ultimate declaration of its inability to sustain current operations given its current debt obligations.

Basically, all firms must have some debt loads to expand operation or just to survive. Good economic planning often requires a firm to finance some of its operation with debt. Your Finance Project Report should reveal the degrees to which a firm has debt in excess of assets or is unable to pay its debt as it comes due are the two most common factors in corporate financial distress.

Finally, your Project Report on Finance should investigate the overall financial performance of the particular industry in India and also predicts the financial health and viability of the industry.

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Tips for MBA finance project report writting
« on: January 27, 2012, 11:03:59 PM »

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