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Project -Tata motors Marketing Project report
« on: February 28, 2013, 05:34:10 AM »
Tata motors Marketing Project report

A project report contains the marketing research on a Relook in to the market (a Tata journey on the Bellad Canoe) of heavy commercial vehicles at Hubli city. It is effort by the researcher to re-orient company’s strategies post liberalization. This study is entitled as “A Relook into the Market, (A Tata Journey on Bellad Canoe) at Hubli city”.

This topic is concerned to their requirements as the Bellad Engineering (authorized dealer of the  Tata Commercial Vehicles (trucks)) want to know the awareness level and demand for  at Hubli and also to find the market to Tata Commercial Vehicles in Bellad Engineering (P) Ltd in the liberalized era. The information is collected through structured questionnaire that include all the requirements what the Bellad Engineering Pvt.Ltd (truck Ltd) wanted. 

The questionnaire was administered to the truck owners of the different company’s in Hubli city.


The information necessary for this research study is collected by tapping primary and secondary sources.  The sources are as follows

Primary Sources:

a)      Questionnaire

b)      Personal interaction

 Secondary Sources:

a)      Company Websites

b)      Related Information from Internet

c)      Company reports, Books and publications



Sampling allows us to concentrate our attention upon relatively small number of people and hence devote more energy to ensure that the information collected from them is accurate.

  1. Population: People from the city of Hubli

  2. Sampling Frame: people who own heavy vehicles

  3. Sampling Unit: Contractor, Transport agencies, builders 

  4. Sampling Size: 100

  5. Sampling Method: convince random sampling


Method of Analysis

It involves a recorded observation into dissipate statement. The measurement and evaluation of data is done in graphical representations, and using MS excel. 



  1.  To      identify the factors which are influencing customer to buy a truck


  1. To find its awareness level of customer      regarding tata commercial vehical with


       respect to other brands


  1. To identify the consumer expectation      towards new trucks from tata commercial


      Vehicles at hubli city.


  1. To find customer expectation from authorized      dealers of Tata Commercial Vehicles (trucks).





ü  Local dealer should conduct demonstration and Test drives for existing truck owners and potential customers.

ü  Dealer should co-ordinate with company to conduct truck exhibition in local market.

ü  Create more awareness of the Bellad Engineering Pvt.Ltd and the micro-finance facilities available for customers.

ü  Bellad Engineering (P) Ltd should educate customer on vehicle maintains and service etc.




The majority of the people are ready to purchase truck in future, there is demand for trucks. Therefore Hubli is a market for Tata Commercial Vehicles (truck) so the company and dealers should carry more promotional activities like giving ads in News paper, local TV channel, and hoardings. Conduct more demos and free test drive so that customer are satisfied with what they expect from new trucks.




  • Restricted sample size is 100

  • Survey is restricted to Hubli city


Source: Tata motors Marketing Project report

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Project -Tata motors Marketing Project report
« on: February 28, 2013, 05:34:10 AM »

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