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Author Topic: Project -A Report on In Plant Training on APOLLO TYRES LIMITED  (Read 4117 times)

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A Report on In Plant Training on APOLLO TYRES LIMITED


The four weeks inplant training of VTU is all about learning an organization and the corporate processes in it. This program is designed with the intention of colligating the organizational context with reference to the operational definition and to apply the concepts already learnt to solve management decisions situations.


The executive summary of this study was assorted into five sections, wherein sec A pertained to the study of industry profile and company profile, B pertained to the study of mckensy’s  7’ S framework with special references to organization study structure, skill, style, strategy, system, staff, shared value, Sec C pertained to SWOT analysis of the company’s , Sec D pertained to the study of the latest annual report of the company and finally Sec D pertained to the overall learning experience.


The study was dedicated by conceiving the research design of observing, interviewing and undergoing through both primary as well as secondary data. The study mainly concentrates on the study of Mckensy’s 7s model. The collected data were analyzed and the findings, suggestions, and recommendations were summed up.


Based on the findings the suitable suggestions were provided so as to make some success in the organization, which would aid in directing the company towards Organizational Effectiveness and Organizational Excellence.

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