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Management Jargon
« on: September 25, 2011, 10:36:29 PM »
1.   TRENT’, founder by Simon Tata (Wife of Ratan Tata).
2.   80/20 principle- Pareto.
3.   Alumina- Ex Student of school or college.
4.    Aluminous- ex students of the school or college.
5.   ATM- John Shephered Barron in Europea
6.   Back integration- to avoid various cost, start making own material.                                         EX.AMUL has there own cattle for milk.
7.   Bench mark- “Idol” or goal specified to follow him or her
8.   Blind Ads- Ads given without any name i.e., applies if you have a skills.
9.   BPO- business process outsourcing
10.   C.V. -  Curriculum vitae
11.   Career Plato- reaches at max. Level so that future promotion is not possible.
12.   CIPLA-Chemical Industrial Pharmaceutical Laboratory.
13.   Conglomerate- Company working in more than one field. {G.S}
14.   Consumer Protection Act- it was passed in 1986
15.   CSR- Cooperate Social Responsibility.
16.   Domicile- state having registered office of a company.
17.   Down sizing- Reducing the Workers
18.   Effective- Doing right Thing Rightly.
19.   Efficiency- Doing Thing Rightly.
20.   Emoluments -  salary
21.   Etiquette- Way You Behave OR  Manneriousm
22.   Expatriates- Send by company.
23.   Federalism- “Centralized Control in Decentralized Structure.”
24.   Forward Integration- Including the last option.                                                                           EX. AMUL; Milk------ cheese----- ice-cream
25.   French Leave- holiday that you enjoy without permission.
26.   Gestation period-Period of raw material in transit from supplier to company.
27.   Ghost shopping- Being a buyer of a product to know about competitors action.
28.   Governor of RBI-  Subbrao
29.   HSEB- World local bank
30.   Inbreeding- Selection through Internal source of Recruitment.
31.   Indian Airlines- Ratan TaTa
32.   Indian Diaspora – Settlement of Indian.
33.   JIT- just in time that is no Inventory level, orders at a right time when required.
34.   Job description- Written Statement Showing job title, duties & responsibility of job, location etc. EX. Stipend will be paid.
35.   Job specification- minimum qualification for the job acceptance. EX. 2 yrs Experience.
36.   KAIZEN-Japanese Technique for Quality.
37.   Kiss - keep it simple stupid!
38.   KPO – Knowledge process outsourcing
39.   Lead time-Time between placing an order and receiving an order.
40.   LISTERS Programmer-list of new employee so that concentrate can be put.
41.   Lux-  First Soap in U.K. in 1899
42.   Market Intelligence Report- brings Current Info. of Competitors
43.   Marketing Research- Gathering info. And scanning environment factors
44.   Media Vehicles-  print media carrying your Advertisement.
45.   Milk the Best- Do the best to get rid off.
46.   Mission- Who we are? That is, unique objective that makes us different from other. EX. To provide mgnt. Education to Women merit holder only through practical & theory education.
47.   Motorola- R&D center is at Chennai
48.   NASSCOM- National Association of Software and Services Company
49.   Nepotism – Reference of friends or relative or employment
50.   P.P.C- Production planning & controlling Department
51.   Paragon- power of Excellence.
52.   Pink Slip- Dismissed.
53.   Poaching To drag key employee form other company.
54.   President of RBI-   Robert Zoellick
55.   Proactive- opp. of  reactive ( Before Time)
56.   procurement- purchasing
57.   Product innovation- New changes in product by innovation.{G.S June}
58.   Purpose- board aim applies to all organization in a particular industry.                                                EX. To impart Education.
59.   Sabbatical- Holiday for Career development
60.   SACHETS- pouch of a shampoo etc.{B.T. MAY}
61.   SEZ- Special Economic Zone
62.   Social Enterprise- Enterprise who earn profit by addressing a social cause.
63.   SONY- Founded by Akio Morita; Japanese Company
64.   Spouse policy- no blood policy; leave job by husband or wife.
65.   State Bank of India is The oldest bank of India since 1806
66.   Stock out- Lack of Stock
67.   Talk in Interview -   Interview with Appointment.
68.   TRAI- Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
69.   Two type of skills; soft skills- communication skills; hard skills- Education & Experience.
70.   UNION- Good people to bank with
71.   USP- Unique Selling Preposition
72.   Vision- Where we want to go? That is, Dream that Company Create in Waking hours.                                                    EX. To provide best MBA students.
73.   WIPRO- It was founded by premji; Western Indian Vegetable Product ltd. (Initially making vegetable oil).
74.   Work in interview  - Not fixed, come & give interview
75.   ZEN- zero Engine noise.
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Management Jargon
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