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Leaders- A changing Agent
« on: September 27, 2011, 10:20:23 PM »
Leaders- A changing Agent
from Kaustubh ( Kk Mixxs ) by Kaustubh

Being a Student of K.S School of business management, Gujarat University (2008th batch), I had experienced a lot of Management techniques in my B School… It was very nice experience during the project time where we are allowed to mould our personal traits. Projects, as a part of curriculum of the course provide a very nice platform to showcase the talent toward the management and Accounting subjects and even various other skills such as leadership, communication and so on. After working in project group for three years, I had come across the many management principles in a practical environment and Leadership was one of them.

“Leadership is process of influencing and supporting the others to work enthusiastically toward achieving objectives”

Well, it seems that leadership is nothing more than directing the followers. But friends, if you look in it deeply then you may realize that it is more than you can think about it….

1.)What is the shape of the perfect leader and does he or she exist?
To paraphrase W. Somerset Maugham, “There are three rules for creating good leaders. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

One simple thing there is “NO PERFECT LEADER” and that is why all the leaders try to learn something new through study, tanning and so on...Many Management Gurus has written the theories over the leadership but did it exist? Unfortunately, all the theories are written with subject to limitation.

But we can define some qualities which may be presence in the good leaders;
a. Physical
b. Self motivated
c. Talented
d. Energetic
e. creative
f. Focus and future vision etc…

2. Does a leader need to be motivated? How can leaders maintain themselves to stay motivated?

Of course, leaders need to be motivated. They always try to keep them self motivated.

Being a human even leader face a de-motivation. The only way to get on track is to get motivated. but how?, is still a question of facts. Usually, Motivation comes from two sources; External and Internal.

Extrinsic motivators come from the outside. For example, one reason that I go to work is that I need to make a living in order to survive. Intrinsic motivators come from within. For example, another reason that I go to work is that I get a great deal of satisfaction when I accomplish a difficult task.

Good leaders try to balance the balance between the two sources but most of the leaders get motivated by internal factors.

3). what is the relationship between leaders and followers?

There should be a relationship of trust
Leaders are change agents who guide their followers onto new heights, while along the way; they develop and grow their followers.

4). Do you see that new technologies will affect leadership and leaders?

No, I don’t think so, that there is any relationship between the leaders and the technology. Of course leaders need to be update but it doesn’t mean that new technology will affect it. And if it affects it then all the theory of famous leaders of Hitler get obsolete with change in theory and we all know that still the Gandhiji principles’ are working….

5.) What's the worst fault a leader can have?

Simple, to underestimated himself and worse the relationship with followers…

6) You say anyone can become a leader. Is it really possible?
No, everyone can’t be a leader. In my opinion, there are some traits which are required to be an inherent in Leader. If everyone can be a leader, then why did there are only few leaders. However, it can be learned but there will be a difference between these leaders. “Willingness and Enthusiasm” should be there to be a Leader. In simple words, Leaders should possess some traits to be successful leader. There is difference between the Leader and triumphant leader.
The statement “There are some individual who desire to work under the control of other individual”, clarify the entire scenario.

7) Can someone be a good leader, but not a good manager? Which is better for a company?
Like there are managers who can’t be a leader, similarly there are many leaders who can’t manage others. Manager of a companies possessed many skills and resources related to Company’s policies and rules & regulation. But a leader may or may not be familiar with skills. Either of them alone is better for the company because a company require a good leader to lead and a manager to manage the affairs of the company.

 8) If so much material is written about leadership, why are there so few real leaders in companies?
Who says there are so few leaders? The only people who can call a person a leader are the followers. It is not true that there are so few real leaders, actually there are many examples of leaders and it is very difficult to list out the name of leaders. But as it requires some inherent traits it is not possible to be real leader.
In simple words there a many leaders but the leadership requires inherent traits and it can’t be posses. Hence numbers of leaders are not up to expectation. Written material can only sharp the skill of a leader but it can’t create a leader and if so then it can’t be real leader.

Leadership is something different from what we have learned still …It’s not so easy to lead the followers. Many a time’s even leaders are in a diplomatic condition and it become difficult for them to take the decisions.
In simple words, an individual can be a leader but can’t be a real leader. Real leaders require some traits which make him capable to take decision and lead others. Leaders must have a charismatic personality to attract the followers and it not possible that every individual can have “Charisma”. Hence ‘leadership’ is more wide term and it is very difficult to define it. Still it requires to do research in the field of leadership.

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Leaders- A changing Agent
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