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Important FM questions
« on: September 27, 2011, 09:16:50 PM »
1)   Contrast the salient features of the traditional and modern approaches of financial       management            
2)   Describe in detail the factors affecting working capital requirements  
3)   Net present value V/s IRR                  
4)   Short term sources of finance      
5)   Discuss the major functions of the financial system      
6)   Discuss the concept of ‘just in time’ inventory control        
7)   What are the three major functions of the financial manager? How are they related?
8)   Distinguish between gross and net working capital also permanent and temporary working capital. Explain the different sources of working capital finance. Factoring is emerging source of short term financing Explain. Describe the forms in which Pre-shipment and post shipment finance are provided  
9)   Define financial management and discuss the goals of financial management. Is the goal of shareholders wealth maximization the ultimate goal? Compare and contrast the wealth maximization and profit maximization goals of financial management
10)   Explain in detail the stand taken by Prof. Modigliani & Miller regarding the capital structure theory and bring out its assumption salient features.        
11)   What are the objectives of cash management? Describe Baumol Model and Miller and Orr model  
12)   What is a capital market? How does it differ from money market?
13)    Is stable dividend payout ratio same as steadily changing dividends? Explain how?
14)    Explain the mechanics of issuing ADR & GDRs
15)   List Long term sources of finance available to companies in India. Discuss important features and pros & cons of equity capital & debenture as a source of long term finance  
16)    Discuss the relationship between EBIT and EPS
17)     What do you understand by Venture Capital? Describe stages in Venture Financing. Also describe in detail process of Venture capital financing.  
18)    What do you understand by Agency theory? Explain with an example.
19)    Distinguish between operating, financial & combined leverages.
20)    Distinguish between Operating V/s Financial Lease. And Lease v/s Hire Purchase
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Important FM questions
« on: September 27, 2011, 09:16:50 PM »

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