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How to Launch a Product Effectively?
« on: September 27, 2011, 09:54:51 PM »
How to Launch a Product Effectively?[/color][/u][/b]

Effective Product Launch Hospital Industry
This case is written on Launch of an Hospital, Which is very effectively a great success story.
Market Research -
1. To determine:
Target Market
Market needs
Positioning and strategy
New product strengths and weaknesses
Company strengths and weaknesses
Packaging/ pricing
2. Focus Group Meetings
To distill product concept
Key promotional messages
Anticipate product resistances
Know strong points of competition
Unfulfilled needs of MDs
1. Marketing Plan
Anticipated date of registration approval
Update of SWOT analysis
2. Preparation of training materials
3. Clinical trials or seeding trials
4. Organization of scientific meetings
5. Participation at regional congresses
6. Final marketing plan
7. Field Force Training:
Materials to be sent one month before launch
With self-tests to check learning
8. Selection of Key Accounts
Hospital mapping
MD targeting and profiling
9. Press Conference
10. Final Launch Plan
Emphasis on skill building
Provide time for role play
All information should be given prior to launch date
Involve the field force in launch planning to get “Buy-In” and generate enthusiasm
11. Incentive plan, quota per Rep
12. Distribution plan:  initial stocking and terms
13. Pre-announcement letters to MD’s (teasers)
14. Skills models
Video models for use at launch role plays
Launch :
1.   Launch letters to MDs, pharmacists, etal.
2.   Press relations
3.   Symposia
4.   Video news releases
5.   Press kit
6.   Formulary kit
7.   Product monograph
8.   Collection of key clinical studies
9.   Seeding trials expanded
10.   Profiling target MDs
11.   Action plans per territory
During Launch Program -
* Focus on Selling Skills
MD selection
Pre-call planning
Probing for needs
Features and benefits
Clinical studies
The effective use of the monograph
Focus on Selling Skills to Sell New Product :
1. Cost effectiveness
2. Handling objections
3. Handling competition
4. Ensuring that first trials are successful
5. Group presentations
6. How to put the new product into the hospital formulary
7. Doing a Hospital Action Plan
8. Presentations to nurses, pharmacists
9. Sampling allocation and plan
Launch :
1. Medical Education Program
2. Patient Education Program
3. Gimmicks, posters, etc.
Post Launch :
1. Analyze effectiveness of tactics and effectiveness of message
2. Analyze competitive response
3. Market and prescription survey
4. Handling MD queries
5. Handling MD resistance
6. Post launch bulletin
7. Producing the Audio Cassette Training Program, Post Launch Feedback
8. Revising plans
9. Celebrating successes
10. Selling tips
11. New ideas to reinforce messages
12. Interviewing happy users of new product
13. How to respond to Rep’s questions
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How to Launch a Product Effectively?
« on: September 27, 2011, 09:54:51 PM »

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