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Feasibility Reports
« on: September 25, 2011, 10:21:17 PM »
Hi friends,

Here i m uploading the various feasibility report.........

Feasibility Reports/Business plans

A report which projects the practical viability of a venture with respect to different dimensions is called feasibility report.
A business feasibility report also called a feasibility report or feasibility analysis is a useful place to start when considering purchasing the business or when contemplating starting a business. Whether a non-profit organization or commercial enterprise feasibility report is an excellent way of making sure that you have the comprehensive understanding of the business environment and a realistic expectation of our business potential.

Feasibility report addresses things like where and how the business will operate. It provides in-depth details about the business to determine if and how it can succeed, and serve as a valuable tool for developing a winning business plan.

Importance of Feasibility Report

    List in detail all the things you need to make the business work.
    Identify logistical and other business-related problems and solutions.
    Develop marketing strategies to convince a bank or investor that your business is worth considering as an investment.
    Serve as a solid foundation for developing your business plan.

Even if you have a great business idea you still have to find a cost-effective way to market and sell your products and services. This is especially important for store-front retail businesses where location could make or break your business. For example, most commercial space leases place restrictions on businesses that can have a dramatic impact on income. A lease may limit business hours/days, parking spaces, restrict the product or service you can offer, and in some cases, even limit the number of customers a business can receive each day. Following are the components of the Feasibility report.
1.   Legal Feasibility

A legal feasibility study includes professional background information about the founders and principals of the business and what skill they can contribute to the business. It includes,

    Description of Business Structure.
    Description of organizational Structure.
    Internal and external principles and practices of the business.

2.   Technical Feasibility
Technical Feasibility study assesses the details of how a product or services will be delivered (i.e. material, labour, transportation, where the business will be located, technology needed etc.). A technical feasibility study is an excellent tool for trouble-shooting and ling-term planning. In some regards it serves as a flow chart of how products and services evolve and move through business to physically reach to market.

3.   Human Resource Feasibility

It deals with the recruitment and selection of the proper kind of personnel in the various departments and also coming up with the ways of training, developing and retaining them by provision of various incentives and perks relevant to their needs and requirement.

4.   Marketing Feasibility

All feasibility studies should look at how things work, if they will work, and identify potential problems. Feasibility studies are done on ideas, campaigns, products, processes, and entire business. Feasibility studies assess something and consider both pros and cons. They analyze potential business scenarios. A marketing plan maps out specific ideas, strategies, and campaign based on feasibility study investigations that are intended to be implemented.

 It includes,

    Description of Industry
    Current Market Analysis
    Anticipated Future Market Potential
    Potential Buyers and Sources of Revenue
    Sales Projections

5.   Finance Feasibility

A Finance Feasibility report includes how much start-up capital is needed, sources of capital, returns on investment and other financial consideration. It looks at how much cash is needed, where it will come from and how it will be spent.

   A Financial Feasibility is an assessment of the financial aspects of something. It considers many things including the start-up capital, expenses, revenues and investor income and disbursement. Other portions of a complete feasibility will also contribute data to basic financial study.



DIYWashNFix(car wash)

mikestrucking_Live(trucking industry)
PortlandMobileAuto(Auto mobile)
TheDailyPerc(beverage retailer)

TrendSetters_live(beauty saloon)
University telephone(mobile services provider)

Smaple business plan on PDAware Software Company


Link to others feasibility reports (20 MORE FEASIBILITY REPORTS)

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Feasibility Reports
« on: September 25, 2011, 10:21:17 PM »

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Difficulty in Business Planning
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Here the book for the Hurdel of business planning

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Reports on hosipital
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Reports on hosipital
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