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Culture Example
« on: October 23, 2011, 09:39:33 PM »
Google India:

Learning in the loo concept:
Employees write about innovative ideas, strategies and best practices on the inside of washroom doors.

Employees at Google spend 20% of their time thinking about next big thing and 10% in coming up with completely outlandish ideas.

Egalitarian policies allow concepts such as peer bonus where one googler recognizes the efforts of other by giving him bonus in the form of vouchers paid for by the company.

Selecting your own list of holidays in the year.

Employees are called Googlers and new joiners are called Nooglers.

Welcome party on the day of joining.

Policy of self promotion i.e. when the KRAs set by the individuals are met.

Complete absence of micromanagement.

Googliness: Employees think beyond academics and are passionate about other activities such as sports, NGO work and are able to chart their own growth.

Every salary slip sports the ‘Happy customer made this possible’

Intel Technologies India

Having fun while you work culture. Employees paint the walls of a school in the neighborhood or enroll for the cooking class.

Absence of walled cubicles and department heads sharing their workspace with the interns. Open door policy.

Anubhava programme: For managers, there is Anubhava, a programme where they share their Best Known Methods every quarter. CAIR, aka Careers At Intel Realised, provides a platform where an employee is given all the resources, tools and support required to work on areas they are passionate about.

CAIR, aka Careers At Intel Realised, provides a platform where an employee is given all the resources, tools and support required to work on areas they are passionate about.

Equality: All the employees fly by business class.

Vegetable cart is brought into the campus so emplyees including the CEO can buy vegetables on their way home.

Marriott Hotels India

J.W. Marriott Jr., the CEO, makes it a point to visit some 250 hotels a year and meet with employees down the line. senior executives like Rajeev Menon, Area Vice President, India, Malaysia, Maldives and Pakistan, make it a point to not just greet every employee when they walk into a hotel but also give them a little pat on their back.

Take care of the associates, and they'll take good care of the guests, and the guests will come back" - this was what J Willard Marriott said many decades ago. The company still swears by that tenet.. (Story)

Core Values: Open door policy, empowerment and fairness.

Marriott is also probably the only hotel which has a daily newspaper, called the Daily Packet. The Daily Packet is a communication tool for all employees, a quick snapshot of business as well as special events and associate excellence recognition for the day.

Every hotel has an integrity hotline that allows employees to call anonymously with grievances.

Just imagine what it is like to be a concierge at a hotel in Mumbai, India, and find out that you've been selected from among employees across 3,200 hotels worldwide to fly business class to your company's corporate headquarters, be greeted on a red carpet with applause from your colleagues, have lunch with the top executive team and be taken on a VIP tour of Washington, D.C. That's what happened last year at Marriott's annual ceremony and celebration to honour its top associates.

annual Associate Appreciation Week, seven days of making sure every associate in every hotel around the world is shown a good time

Netapp India
Employees interact with the firm India’s president Vikram Shah almost every Friday. They have ’buddies’ assigned to them right from day one, a senior who acts as their guide at the workplace.

American Express
Children come to see what it’s like to work with mom and dad. On that day, special food stalls and games are set up to ensure that the day was a memorable and fun filled experience for them.

Gender Diversity:
At Amex, women in the workforce has been given special focus. Launched in 2007, WIN (Women Interest Work) seeks to build an in house community that supports women in the workplace through idea sharing, networking and development forum. The company leverages WIN to provide sessions on parenting, healthcare, caregiver experiences, financial planning etc.

PayPal India
Each floor of six level facility is named after monuments, rivers, national parks, musical instruments and great heroes such as Tajmahal, brhamputra, Qutab Minar etc.

Ajuba Solutions
Core Values: Inspired People, Inspired Solutions. Working wonders for our clients and employees.

Gender Diversity: Trains the women in the art of self-defence. And there is a women’s longue, a special area for pregnant and unwell women.

SAS Institute India
Practice of telecommuting, hot desking and hotelling.
Professional help through counseling.
Offering help to the employees who wish to adopt child.

Qualcomm offers a ‘vacation donation programme’ that allows employees to seek leave donation from colleagues when their own leave balance gets exhausted.

Learnsmart allows employees to take charge of their own learning and development needs through use of debit cards. Those who fully utilize their budgets are rewarded  and laggards get penalized.
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Culture Example
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