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A Study on Marketing Mix
« on: August 02, 2013, 08:16:24 AM »
A Study on Marketing Mix

 Study on Marketing Mix with Special Reference to Kitex Textile Products Kizhakkambalam

The Kitex Ltd, situated at Kizhakambalam in Ernakulam district is one of the flourishing textile companies, which comes under the prestigious Anna Group. Kitex lungies, dhotis and bed linen are the hallmark of the success of Kitex Ltd.

 This study was conducted for assessing the market mix of Kitex brands and to sort out the ways and means for improving the existing environment. The researcher also aimed at bringing our customer’s opinion regarding the reason why the customers preferred in buying Kitex Textile Products.

 It was found that Kitex Textile Products had good brand image and quality. The market share of Kitex lungies and dhotis were found to 19.47% and 11.5% respectively. The unbranded low priced items captured the major portion of the market share. The company had a good distribution network. It was noted that the company should give more incentives to the dealers to boost up the sales. Schemes and incentives offered by the other brands were more attractive than Kitex.

 Kitex Textile Products are popular among the customers. But now a days the advertisements of Kitex Textile Products are by far less as compared to the past. So the advertisement should be increased so that the product image is maintained in the mind of the customers. Even though the Kitex dealers thrived in quality, the major portion of the market was conquered by the low priced unbranded textile products. So Kitex can increase its sales by trying low priced items.

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Source: A Study on Marketing Mix

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A Study on Marketing Mix
« on: August 02, 2013, 08:16:24 AM »

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