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Tips for Final FM Paper
« on: April 19, 2014, 11:26:51 AM »
Hello Friends

After a long time...
Sorry i am busy right now.Sorry cannot be in touch of you for one month.

Anyway today i am sharing you the tips for FM Paper of CMA final.For better understanding i have divided my tips in two sections.

  • General Tips
  • Particular Tips
  • General Tips
    • Buy at least one good reference book for FM Paper. If you cannot afford it then you can borrow the book from your MBA friends, they generally have 3 to 4 books on finance.
    • unlike other subjects of CMA, there is no shortcut for FM paper.Shortcut in the sense there is not way out for hard working.You have to prepare the whole syllabus for clearing the FM paper.
    • Give equal importance to both theory as well as practical questions.
    • you can prepare the theory from ppt presentation available at our website
    • Use internet for understanding the Financial Jargon.It is not possible to understand the concept directly from the Institute module.So you must refer the internet or you tube online lecture to understand it properly.
  • Particular Tips

    • Prepare well for NPV and Forex.You cannot pass the FM paper unless you are not clear with two chapters.
    • Some other important chapters are dividend,capital budgeting,capital structure,derivatives,etc.
    • Please refer the suggested answers,scanner and RTP provided by the institute.
    • Scanner is best for FM paper objective questions
    • I personally suggest to refer the suggested answer of all three professional bodies that is CA,CS and CMA. You will not believe but when i had appear for the FM paper, Question 2nd based on NPV was copied from the ICAI suggested answer of November 2006.
      Just borrow and go through the suggested answer of other bodies around 60% of question are same for all three bodies.
    • If you can afford the reference book then i will suggest you the following books for FM papers.
      Financial Management by IM Pandey
      Financial Management by Parshana Chandra
      Derivative and risk management by sundaran janakiramanan for forex
      Strategic financial management by Ravi M kishore for finance
    • To refer the SWAP Shortcut trick, one of the important chapter of the FM paper, Click Here.
    • Please refer the first and last few chapter like Introduction to Finance Management,Parity theories etc for theory.Generally short notes are asked from this chapters only.
    • Please don't worried about the various rate input required to solve the FM Problems. Present value, Future Value,Black shocles model Values, all such value will be provided in the paper itself.But please make a note of two important factor in this regards:

      1) 90% rate will be given directly in the paper.So no need of mugging it.
      2) Some time they provide you unnecessary data to create confusion.So better take care.
      3) In remaining 10% they will provide you the PV table. (Personally speaking in my whole CMA i have not face this situation that PV table is provided.But i think we all should prepared for the wrost part of the exam too)
Last but not the least Please don't make any compromise with the Foreign exchange chapters.Around 20 marks questions are asked from this.So prepared well for this.Further, remember there is no shortcut for clearing the FM paper, shortcut in the sense unlike other paper, you cannot prepare some good chapters and clear the exam.In FM hardworking as well as smart working is required.

Get all the CMA resources that i had used to clear my CMA in first attempt with out any Coaching at

If you have any query related to FM Paper then feel free to ask me or any other members over here in this forum.

All the Best to all Students appearing for Group 3 FM Paper and as well all other students too.

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Tips for Final FM Paper
« on: April 19, 2014, 11:26:51 AM »

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