My Campus Experience at Neyveli Lignite Chennai

Started by Mr. Patel, April 09, 2014, 11:22:58 am

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Mr. Patel

April 09, 2014, 11:22:58 am Last Edit: April 09, 2014, 11:25:41 am by CMA Kaustubh Patel
 Hello Friends

I am back with my experience at Neyveli  Lignite Coopration @ Chennai.

On 31st March 2014, I got a email from CMA Training and Placement Committee that you have got shortlisted for the Nevyeli Lignite Cooperation Campus at Chennai on 5th April 2014.

Since I am from Ahemdabad, Western Council of ICAI, I was intitally on getting this email.I immediately reply back to them and told them that I have being shortlised by neyveli and I am called for campus at Chennai on 5th April, though I belong to Western region.

Within 10 minute I got reply that I am eligible for the Neyveli coopration interview (they have called the students all over the india) and after that you can attend the Campus Placement programme at Mumbai.

Now, on 31st April Night, I booked my ticket for Ahemdabad to Chennai on 3rd April and it was in wiating list number 9.

I get my ticket confirmed on 2nd April at 10 PM and on next morning I went for the Chennai at 6 AM early in the morning.

This was my first interview and even that without any preparation because I got the email on 31st march and I went for Chennai on 3rd April. Of course in the mean while I read the Accounting Standards and Cost Accounting Standards for my interview.

Now, I reach at Chennai on 4th April and on next day early in the morning I went to the Hotel Vestin Park,Chennai for my interview.

At Sharp 9 Am, we are called off and went to 7th floor for the interview. A particular room was allocated to all companies for the interview and we were allowed to sit in the lobby of hotel Vestin Park.

Around  150 students are present for the campus for all companies and of them only 100 students get a chair for sitting where as others including me where standing in the lobby since 9 AM.

At sharp 9.30 AM, all the companies started there interview process. Please note that, since I was selected for Neyveli, I am sharing my experience for Neyveli Company only. I don't know what happened at TCS, Boasch or any other company.

At 9.30 AM we are called for Mark Sheet Verification. They called the students one by one and checked their Mark Sheet Photocopy with the Original. The first two students who were called off for verification were my friends from Ahemdabad and Neyveli have checked there all Marksheet and Ceritificate. Then at 10 AM, one person announced that instead of showing all Mark Sheet, you are requested to show only 10th, Group 3 and Group 4 Mark Sheet only. I don't know how they can ignore the other Marksheet?

In the mean while after checking the Marksheet of 10 students they were called for the Group discussion in spate room.

While the process was going on, I was still standing in the lobby and did not get a chair to sit.

At 11.30 I was called for Marksheet verification and then at 11.40 I was called for Group discussion. I went to Room Number 710 and we are allocated a particular sit with a Number tag 1 to 10 for GD.The topic for Group Discussion was "Taxes is hurdle for the Cooprates".

Group Discussion was for 10 minute and once the topic is announced any one of us has to take the initiative to start the discussion. It was very difficult to responds first before any one start the discussion.

After getting the topic, one of my friends starts the Discussion followed by me. At last, we were asked to conclude the discussion with in 2 minute.

After GD we went to 8th floor and wait for the GD elimination. At 12 PM, again name of 10 students were announced for Personal Interview and we were informed that all the students will sit for the Personal Interview. There is no elimination and all 59 students will sit for Personal Interview.

After calling 10 students for Interview, others are called for the Lunch at SIRC CMA Bhawan.  I did not went for lunch and finally I got the chair to sit.

Students are called as per Group Discussion Number for personal Interview and as my number was 40, I take a sit and sit over there.

Then at 1.30 PM, the Neyveli HR group went for the lunch and they came back at 3 PM. In the mean time I was sitting on a sofa and was waiting for the my chance.

They Interview was started at 3 PM from Number 10 and they called another 10 students for Personal Interview. They take around 20 minutes or more for each Student.

Finally it was 6 PM and I was still sitting in a sofa and waiting for my turn. I was totally frustrated and tried.

Lastly, at 7.30 PM I was called for interview. I open the door and saw that a panel of 6 Person is sitting in front of me for talking the interview. Yes, 6 Person of 55 above age are taking interview of one student.

They asked me the following questions:

1) Where are you from?
2) Did you ever heard about GMD?
3) Name a key personnel of KPMG
4) what is Revenue and Capital Expenditure Budget?
5) What is the current Cooprate Tax Rates
6) What is the quorm limit as per latest companies act 2013
7) What is CSR limit as per new companies Act 2013?
8) How will you deal with Interest on working capital while calculating the IRR.
9) About Neyveli Coopration?

I know you were thinking that the have asked a very simple question. Friends, even I think so, but  you will be shocked when you will come to know I have answered 4 answer correctly out of  9 Questions. I had even not able to answer the current tax rate.

Now Why it so?

First, I have completed my Group 3 in June and after completing June, I have never touch the Income tax subject.
Second, it was unexpected interview, so we all are not well prepared.
Third, we are called for interview at 9 AM early in the morning and my interview was conducted at 7 PM.I was totally tried.
Foruth, Language barrier, you will not believe but within 4 hours we got completely frustrated by the Tamil language and even we what to tell about their English Pronunciation. We request them to repeat the questions around 4 to 5 times to understand it.
Fifth, we thought, as it is Freshers Interview, they will asked you psychological question like Tell me about yourself, but instead all question are asked from the book itself.
Sixth, all the question are asked from group 3, one which we have cleared in last to last attempt.
Seventh, they are already prepared with the set of question and they were asking question like a rapid fire round.

Friends, it is really difficult to answer even simple question in front of 6 person panel.

At 8.30 PM, we finished our Interview and then HR Person closed the door . For around 30 minutes they were doing something behind the room and at 9.00 PM, they came out from the room and went in to another room.

Then a lady (I don't know the name), from our Institute, came out and announced that  "Result will not be declared today, Instead you will get the SMS if you get selected."

On hearing this we got totally frustrated, as we are waiting over there since morning for the sake of result only. But now they are telling that you will get the SMS...What does it mean?

Why we are so much concerned about the Result?

We are so much concerned about the result, because of the Transparency of Interview Process. We are told that Students will get selected at the end of interview, but now they are planning to send SMS to selected students only.

It mean that if I do not get selected then I will not get the SMS. Further, they even did not mention the time for the result. I mean they did not tell us that by what time you will get result.

It may be possible that none of us get the SMS and we Individually think that we are not selected by the company as we did not get the SMS. Of course, other companies have completed their interview at 4 PM and even declared the result.

So, where is the transparency?

Suppose , you did not get the SMS, it mean that you are not selected, then if even I do not get the SMS, then it mean even I am not selected. What if no one get the SMS and they recruit some one else in place of us. In this case every one will think that we are not selected and some one else would be selected but reality may be different.

Please note that I m not telling that Neyveli company Interview process is not transparent, but since the package was for 10 lakhs, it may happen that some Scam would be involved there in it.

Till today I did not get any SMS, even none of my friends got it.

What it mean?

Result is not yet declared or I am not selected???

Friends, if you have attend the Interview of Neyveli, then please reply back to this post, so that we can come to know whether the Neyveli have declared the result or it was just a Scam.

Please reply to this and even share this post with other friends who did not attend the Campus so that they can get some knowledge about the campus.

At last, at 9 PM I went back to my Hotel and on next day I return back to Ahmadabad.

Still waiting for the SMS, don't know will I get selected or not?

This was the my first experience of Interview at Chennai Campus. Further, very soon I will post tips for How to Crack campus Interview. Remember if you are preparing for PSU then go thoroughly from books specially Accounts and Income tax and if you are preparing for Private Companies like TCS then prepared well for appituted written test . I will share more tips in my next article.

A request to all reader, please you can share your experience, notes, materials or any other resources at our website Please remember, like you there are lakhs of students who required your resources for clearing the CMA exam or campus.

Please help other students. If you love to read my tips and experience then even others including me like to read your experience. Help others then only they will share their experience with you.

Please login to our website and forum (for security reason we have seprate log in for forum and website) and share your resources with others after login to your account.

Share with others and feel the pride.
Have a Nice Day...........
All the Best.....


Mr. Patel

April 09, 2014, 11:22:58 am Last Edit: April 09, 2014, 11:25:41 am by CMA Kaustubh Patel


thanks for sharing your terrible experience. After reading your experience , I feel very disgusted with the way they behaved(neyveli) for campus interview. from your point,it is very clear that one needs to prepare well in accounts/ tax/ company law. As per your experience & knowledge, I hope u will get placed in better & good job in reputed company than this..

manish agarwal

i have heard 60  students got selected at Chennai campus and around 4-5 got selected for  NLC  @ 9lk p.a  ( highest package)

manish agarwal

Mr. Patel

Quote from: manish agarwal on April 15, 2014, 11:38:23 pm
i have heard 60  students got selected at Chennai campus and around 4-5 got selected for  NLC  @ 9lk p.a  ( highest package)

May be possible, but i did not get any sms or news about it....Thanxs for updating the information, i will try to find it out and soon will contact other friends about this.

Manish Agarwal

y did they asked "Name a key personnel of KPMG" ? did u have any training related experience in KPMG  which u wrote in your CV ?

Mr. Patel

Quote from: Manish Agarwal on May 04, 2014, 07:31:48 am
y did they asked "Name a key personnel of KPMG" ? did u have any training related experience in KPMG  which u wrote in your CV ?

No i do not have any relation with KPMG.

The only thing which is common among all three that is KPMG , GMCD and Me was that "We all are from Ahmadabad".

Yes KPMG head office is located at Ahmadabad.So may this is reason why they asked me about the key personnel of KPMG.


"Taxes is hurdle for the Corporates".- what is the answer??? can u brief?? how to handle this topic in group discussion??

Mr. Patel

Quote from: umapathyvn2014 on May 13, 2014, 02:08:02 pm
"Taxes is hurdle for the Corporates".- what is the answer??? can u brief?? how to handle this topic in group discussion??

Let me tell you frankly i was not well prepared for this GD. But yes i had learned a lots from this.

1) Remember Group discussion is on "Taxes is hurdle for cooperate", but most of the students where busy in discussing the merit and demerit of Taxes.

Most of the students are discussing around the benefits of Taxes like it help to meet the public expenditure and so on.

Remember here we are not talking about the merit and demerit of taxation or we are even not talking about whether there should be taxation system or not?

2) Here we are talking about the taxes which are hurdle in the growth of cooperate.

And i was in support of it.
Yes it is hurdle.

My point of view was supported by following two facts

>> I quoted that Arvind Kerjiwal had told at CCI that we are not against the capitalism but we are against the crony capitalism. Further he added that Business men are not allowed to work. We want to create the environment where the Enterpreneur can work without any interference.

In short, i told that Taxation system is the one of the factor that make the cooperate bother about it. Further, Taxation process is orthodox that Cooperate always plan to evade it rather than contributing it.

>> Second point that i added to the discussion was that Cooperate are wasting a lots of time in tax planning. In India taxes are forcefully paid.

After hearing me many students start discussing that NO taxes are not hurdle. They start talking about the merit of taxes like infrastructure, public expenditure and so on...One guys also talk about the Indirect taxation.

Friends, what is use of talking about the merit and demerit of Taxes. We just want to know whether taxation is hurdle for cooperate.

There is nothing to do with the point that it will not be beneficial to government or public.This is not our GD topic..

At last, i am feeling regret that i miss one most important point to be discussed in the GD.That was

I want to quoted a example to them that

I went to my father and ask him why don't you pay taxes?

He replied to me very politely that he don't mind to pay tax.

He is ready to pay taxes , he even told me if you want the rupees right now, i will give it to you.

I am ready to contribute to our country from my earning.


He told me how ?
I am uneducated person, how could i contribute to country by paying taxes

I replied by filling the return and paying the taxes

He replied me that you mean to pay tax, i have to go through a long procedure.

I am not educated, you wish me to stand in a row to pay taxes.

or you want that i go to school to learn how to pay taxes.

At last i replied that you can hire CA to fill return

My father replied me, you mean i should pay 2000 rupee to CA so that i can pay 5000 rupee to governement.

So you mean i should contribute twice.

So friends, my father do not fill the return because he don't know anything.

On other side my father pay the property tax, electricity bill etc.

because it is very simple, just go and pay it.

Further, even if we fill the taxes what will be the guarantee that we will not be fall in trap.

Suppose if we had made any mistake in filling the return then in that case we have to fill a revised return and still assessing officer can call you any time with in the given time limit.

Where as on other side what if we do not fill return?

Nothing.......just enjoy...

So  i think similar thing happen in cooperate. Company like to contribute to the company but not forcefully. Our taxation system is so orthodox that 40% of our time are wasted in tax process

I forget to discuss the above point but i wish if you get a chance then feel free to put this point forward to discuss.

But remember do not put imphasis on the Individual, because topic is hurdle for cooperate not individual.

Present it in such a manner that cooperate companies evade taxes due to orthodox principles

As this was 10 minute (Including starting and conclusion) GD, i did not get enough time to discuss all this point.

At last we are told that any one of us can conclude and before i can conclude some one else conclude it and i miss the chance.

Always remember in this type of GD where a topic is provided always take a intitate to start and conclude the discussion. If You start or conclude the GD then chances of getting selected are more.

But please remember this is not a thumb rule for all GD. In case of case study based GD where you have to come to conclusion then focus on getting answer and coming to a conclusion.

In that case starting and ending will not matter but instead leading the entire group make a sense.

For this kind of GD and tips check out the ITC group discussion article at



There is request to all that please share this website to your friends so that every one get benefit of it.

Further, you will get the CMA study materials, last year papers, ppt presentation and other resources at our main website at

Besides interview experience, you can even ask any query related to study or any concepts or subject.

Have a nice day
All the best


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