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Guidelines for submitting articles in Management Accountants Journal by ICAI

1. Contributors are  requested to send  both soft copies  (in MS Word format) as well as a hard  copy of the manuscript  to The Editor, The Management Accountant, Institute of Cost Accountants of India, 12 Sudder Street, Kolkata 700 016. The soft copy of the article should be addressed to  [email protected].

2. In case  of theme article, the same  should  be  forwarded to the Journal department (soft  copy  to be mailed  to the above  stated mail ID) latest by 8th  of the preceding month in which  the article is sought to be  published.  That is,  for  an  article to be  published in  February, the same  may  be  forwarded by  8th January, at least.

3. The cover page should contain the title of the paper, authorís name, designation, official address, contact phone numbers, e-mail address and  an abstract of not more than 150  words.

4. The main text should  not contain name  of the author and  footnotes. References should  be given at the end of the manuscript and should contain only those cited in the text of the manuscript.

5. The  contribution  must  be  original   in  nature  and  is  neither  published nor  under   consideration  for publication anywhere else. A declaration signed by the author is to be attached towards this end.

6. Forwarding  letter, mentioning the title and  name  of author and  full  postal address (names of all  the authors and their full postal addresses to be given in case  of joint authorship) and signed  by the author/all the joint authors.

7. A passport  size  photograph  (at least, 300 dpi)  of the author  and  in case  of joint authorship  of all the authors should  accompany the manuscript. A scanned copy of the photograph of the author (s) should  also be mailed  along with the soft copy of the article.

8. Figures  and  tables should  be  numbered consecutively and  should  appear near  the text where they are first  cited. The  figures   should  be  accommodated  within  two-thirds  of  A4  size  paper. Captions  of  the figures  of the bottom  and  tables at the top are  to be  given.  Sectionsí  and  sub-sections  heading should start from the left-hand margin.

9. The final decision  on the acceptances or otherwise of the paper rests with the competent authority and it  depends entirely  on  its  standard  and   relevance.  The   final   draft  may   be   subjected  to  editorial amendment to suit the Journalís requirements.

10. The copy rights of the contributions published in the Journal lie with the publishers of the Journal.

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