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Hello Friends:

Here we are starting a new thread for the FAQs, Frequently asked questions about CMA. For the sake of convenience, we have divided the section in different part. Remember the purpose of this FAQs is not to provide the FAQs which is uploaded on the website of the Institute. Here we are listing all the other questions that the students are searching for and trying to answer the question in un-official language.

But make a note of the following points before reading our FAQs:

1) We have not included any Question from the FAQs of Institute.
2) It is not a official FAQs, so you can not rely on this. It is based on our experience.
3) We are not responsible for any problem caused by this FAQs, you an relied on this FAQs at your own risk.
4) We have tried to included all the FAQs question and  explained the same in most simple and straight forward way.
5) Every Question have a comment section that is totally based on personal experience and meant for only helping the students to solve there query about CMA at one place.

(Post only those queries that can be included in the FAQs section, for other queries start a new topic the respective category. ;D )

Post your Feedback, Comment at the above link, Please keep this post neat and clean so that one can easily find the answers.

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Coaching Clearance Most Frequent Questions:

1. What is Coaching Clearance Certificate?
A. To be eligible for the CMA exam, you have to clear the eligibility exam conducted by the Coaching center or submit the Postal Test Papers to the respective regional council if you are doing Postal Coaching instead of Oral Coaching.After eligibility exam or Postal Test Papers, a CC  Certificate will be issused to you and you will be eligible for the exam.

2. It is compulsory to get CC Certificate?

A. As per Institute it is compulsory to get CC clearance certificate for CMA exam. Institute will send you CC Certificate to the students once they clear the exam or submit the postal coaching test papers.

Comment: I have already completed the CMA, but yet i have not received any Coaching Certificate leaving the Inter Group 1 where i got my Certificate after the exam. I have contacted the Institute for the CC Certificate, but they told me not to worry for it, if you have submit the paper then Institute will allow you to sit for the exam. Even though you did not get the CC Certificate, We Institute have the records of your CC in your Computers.

3. What if I do not get CC Clearance Certificate?

A.Without CC Certificate, you can sit for the exam.

Comment: I have seen the students who have given the eligibility test wihtout preparing any thing and just write the role number on the answer sheet and clear the exam. Further, there are the some instance where students who did not get the CC Clearance Certificate, sat for the exam but  there result is withhold until they clear the CC.
From 2012, Students doing the Postal Coaching is not required to submit the CC papers to the Regional Council. There is no Official Announcement by the Institute yet, but you can find the same in the gazette of ICAI. Further, i have personally contacted the WIRC and they told that submission of CC test papers is not required now. I have also clear my Group 4 without submission of CC papers. Remember, there is no such announcement by the Institute  and other regional council yet. So please confirm the same with your Regional council.

4.Where can I find the CC Test Paper Answers?
A. You can get the CC Test Paper solution at here. Please note that right now do not have the solution for the 2012 Syllabus.

Comment:Every year, Institute change the sequence of the questions asked in the test paper, everything else remain same. So in case if you did not get the recent solution to test papers then don't worry, just check the solution properly and try to find the change in sequence of the questions.Further, you can even write the CC papers with a simple trick as follow;
Since, the Postal Test Papers consists of question for the study material, you can even find the answer from it. Download the soft copy of the Institute Study Materials from the official website and open the .Pdf file. Then in search box type the keyword of the question and search box will do the rest of the thing for you.

5. I have lost the front sheet for the Postal Test papers?
A. Don't worry, you can find the CC Papers front sheet over here. Click here.

Note: Remember the Comment made are based on the experience.We do not mean to teach you to cheat. So it is better to submit the CC papers.This is because Submission of CC Papers is compulsory and since it is given in writing in prospectus you can not denied it. The main purpose of this FAQs is to help you out with every CMA queries.In no case we would be held responsible for any of the FAQs or answer. Use it at your own risk


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6 Month Practical training Most Frequent Questions:

1. What is 6 Month Compulsory Training?
A. According to new Amended official Notification issused by the Institute, every students register under 2008 and 2012 is required to register for the 1 year training contract and complete the 6 month training before filling form for final exam.

Comment: Please check the deadline and detailed information at the Institute website over here.

2. Do we have to register for one year or 6 months?
A. As per the wording of the Notification, you have to register for one year of training and completed 6 month before filling the exam form.

3. Can i do Job, instead of training under Cost Accountant?
A. Yes of course you can do the job. You can even claim exemption based on your job experience done before the CMA.

4.Articleship under CAs will be exempted?
A.Remember, articleship under CAs is excluded from the exemption list. So you can not claim exemption based on CA Articelship. you can not do the both training at the same time.

5. Which one will be better, Training under Cost Accountants or Job in a Organization?
A. It will depend on your intrest. Both the thing have its own importance. But if you want to practice then go for the training under cost Accountants.

Comment: I personally suggest you if you have any other PG degree then you must go for the job, because, based on your PG degree you will get a nice job with a good salary package.

5. What if i register for the 6 month training rather 1 year training period?
A. Sorry i cannot comment on this. We personally do not have the experience of this. If any one can answer to this query then write to us. we will post on behalf of you.


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