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Started by Mr. Patel, May 15, 2014, 08:38:56 am

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Mr. Patel

  • Do proper planning for the exam. Planning is the first step of clearing the exam. If you plan well you will surely get the success.

  • Always attend the 100 Marks paper. I mean attend the complete paper. If you have attend the full 100 marks exam paper then chances of getting passed will be higher.

  • Be prepared well with the objectives questions. This is because of the following two reason:

    > You will get 25 bonus marks
    > Second if you get 25 out of 25 marks then it will create a good impression in mind of examiner. He will enjoy the checking the paper.

  • Neat and Eligible Hand Writing.

  • Do not write a story in a paper, be honest and write what you know.Don't ever try to mislead the examiner.He is more intelligent than you.

  • Be prepared well with the paper style of the exam. You must know well in advance how much time you will require to write 2,3,4 or 5 marks answer.Further, you must know well in advance that you will write maximum 3 page for 5 marks question and that within 10 minute.(DO PERFECT PLANNING)

  • Make a optimum utilization of extra time provided before the exam. With in that 15 minute go through the all objectives question and mark the question you will be going to attempt in case of any OR.
    So once you get the answer answer sheet, start writing the answer immediately with out looking to question. In this way you will finished 20 marks question with in 5 minute only.

  • Follow some writing tips to write the Professional paper:

    > Try to avoid writing on margin of both side. You must have the idea that the margin will get covered by the pin when you will staple it.
    >Try to answer the theory question with a quotation. Yes, it will create a good impression in mind of examiner.
    > Use only one pen for writing the exam paper.One pen in the sense, do not change the pen in between other wise it will change the hand writing as well the tone of writing the paper. Of course, if you are writing the paper using black and blue pen then well and good.
    > Try to draw figure and diagram as much as possible. Examiner love to see the whole theory answer in the form of flow chart. They fo not have the time to go through your whole theory questions.
    > In case of theory question, first go through the practical question and vice versa.

    In my opinion in case of theory questions, if any practical questions is asked then it would be simple to calculate.This is because it is a theory question not a practical paper.Similarly in case of practical paper if any theory is asked then it would be simple theory, because it is a practical paper not theory paper.

    Just ask yourself if you are paper setter of Accounting paper (Practical Paper) then what will be the mind set of you. You will take care about the practical problem to be asked in paper. You will be more concerned about the amalgamation,consolidation question to be asked in exam. And at last when it come to theory you will simply put the questions write the short note on xyz topic.

    Where as on other side in case of Economics paper, do you think you will put the question directly from the book. Of course not.You will twist it properly. Where as if you want to ask practical question then you will simply put it from book itself.

    Hope you understand it............

    >Follow the CBSE style for writing the answer. Up to the point and don't write in para format. You may asked your friends studying in CBSE board that how to write the exam paper.
    > Always quoted example for theory questions.If i would be the examiner, i will give 3/4th marks for the example.
    > Do not waste your time in writing the question. Specially in case of MCQs and Fill the blanks. Simply write your answer and save the time.
    > If you are writing an answer to the MCQs or fill in the blanks, then write your answer by leaving one line between the questions. I mean if there is 10 question then it must be written in 20 lines. One line must be left between two questions. This is because this way you will use the full page (and you can start next question on new page) and in case if you come to know afterward that your answer is not correct then you can correct the answer the in space which was left earlier.
    In this way you paper will seem to be neat and clean.
    > Do not cross your Wrong Answer. If you require one or two marks for getting pass then this wrong answer will be boon for you.I had talked with my MBA faculty, he told me that they never wished to fail any students for one or two marks. If a students is getting failed by one or two marks, then go back to the paper and look for the questions where he can gave him/her +1 or +2 marks. So in case if you written a wrong answer but if it is not crossed out then the examiner may gave you one marks for attempting the questions, and you will get pass

    But this does not mean that there will be two answer for the same questions. Not crossing out mean you had written a wrong answer and you do not have time to correct it. In that case let it be. Do not cross it with an assumption that it is wrong will not get any marks.

    > Do not try to mislead the examiner, utilize the answer sheet completely. Starting from first line to last line.
    > Start new question on new page. Start question on new page even though you have written only few lines in first page.
    For example: If first question is for MCQs and you have occupied only 5 lines to answer this question then don't ever this think that you should start question 2 on the same page. Though you had written only 5 lines, please use new page for next questions.

    Caution: It is a general practices that students write the second question on the same page if the first question had occupied only few lines. Where as on other side he try to mislead the examiner by leaving the four lines before and after the questions.Remember, you must be honest.Don't ever do this...

  • Use any reference book but at least go through the institute module once to have a idea about the syllabus.

  • Make a deep analysis of the subject before starting the preparation. If possible then plan it in such a way that you can revise it at least once.

  • Never complete the book at once. First go through first 4 chapter and then keep reserve the weekend for it revision.

    yes, i usually keep my weekend reserve for revision. So on every week end i will revise the chapters that i had already completed.Revision will take one hours for each subject. In this way by the time i will complete the whole syllabus, i had done the revision for at least 5 time per chapter.So revision should not be at the end of the complete book but instead it should be regular. Other wise you may forget what you had read on first day the time when you will complete the whole book.

  • Make a habit of reading soft copy of the book. Do not buy more than one book but instead download the lots of ebook for every subjects.

    Whenever i asked some one to suggest me the reference book he/she will say xyz book is good for the xyz subject.Guys i was some thing different. I never buy books or download eBooks for any subject. I prefer books as per the topic.

    In always said that prefer this book for this topic or chapter and another book for another chapter.

  • There is no need of personal coaching if you use "YOU TUBE". Yes, now a days lots of demo lecture are available on internet from personal coaching institute. I had already uploaded some of them which i had used for my exam at our gallery.Click here.

Hope you will find the above tips useful. Leave a feedback over here if you want the clarification for any points. Further, you can read my personalized tips for individual subject of CMA at

Have a Nice Day....
All the Best

Mr. Patel

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