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CMA 2013 Placement Prepration

Started by TechShristi, February 10, 2014, 08:37:40 am

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Mr. Patel


 Schedule for Campus Placement April- May 2014


S.No. Location Date for campus List of candidates
1 Chennai 4 & 5th April 2014 Click here for list of SIRC candidates
2 Delhi 11 & 12th April 2014 Click here for list of NIRC candidates 
3 Mumbai 26 & 27th April 2014 Click here for list of WIRC candidates 
4 Kolkata 2 & 3rd May 2014 Click here for list of EIRC candidates 
5 Ahmedabad 9 & 10th May 2014 Click here for list of WIRC candidates 
6 Nagpur 9 & 10th May 2014 Click here for list of WIRC candidates 
7. Kochi  26 & 27th April 2014  Click here for list of SIRC candidates 
Jaipur  26 & 27th April 2014  Click here for list of NIRC candidates 
Bhubaneswar  9 & 10th May 2014  Click here for list of EIRC candidates 
10  Vijayawada  9 & 10th May 2014  Click here for list of SIRC candidates 

Note : The list of candidates for various regions is given on the basis of online application form submitted by the December 2013 pass out candidates themselves. No request will be taken for any change of location for the campus placement program.

Mr. Patel

Mr. Patel

March 05, 2014, 04:19:22 pm #21 Last Edit: March 05, 2014, 04:21:19 pm by CMA Kaustubh Patel
Email send to all Placement register students along with attached word file:

[font=bookman old style][size=14px]
Dear Student,
Congratulations on your qualifying the December 2013 final Examinations of ICAI and becoming CMAs.You are welcome to participate in the Campus Placement Programme being organized by the Institute during April and May 2014 at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Vijayawada and Bhubaneswar. Corporates have already started expressing their eagerness to participate in the Programme. As a value addition and for better performance in the Campus Interview, the Institute plans to organize one day orientation programme in all the locations of campus placement. The dates and porgramme schedule for the orientation programme will be announced at a later date.
The schedule of the campus placement is as under:
Sl No. Location Date for written test/ PPT by companies (If any) Date for Interview
1 Chennai 04.04.2014 05.04.2014
2 Delhi 11.04.2014 12.04.2014
3 Mumbai 26.04.2014 27.04.2014
4 Kolkata 02.05.2014 03.05.2014
5 Ahmedabad 09.05.2014 10.05.2014
6 Nagpur 09.05.2014 10.05.2014
7 Kochi 26.04.2014 27.04.2014
8 Jaipur 26.04.2014 27.04.2014
9 Bhubaneswar 09.05.2014 10.05.2014
10 Vijayawada 09.05.2014 10.05.2014
You are advised to schedule your travel and stay accordingly. Please be advised that you have to make your own arrangement of stay and travel for attending the campus placement programme. Travelling Expenses/DA will not be reimbursed by ICAI for attending the above campus placement programme/ orientation programme. The exact venue and time for the Orientation programme and updates of companies participating in campus placement programme will be hosted at Institute’s website [url=http://www.icmai.in]www.icmai.in[/url].
Also other updates about companies visiting campus and the shortlisted candidates will be hosted in the website on confirmation from the companies. You are advised to visit website [url=http://www.icmai.in]www.icmai.in[/url] regularly.
It is trusted that you are in the habit of reading newspapers, especially Economic Times/ Financial Express etc. If not, you can start reading newspapers on regular basis from now onward.
You are again advised to visit our website [url=http://www.icmai.in]www.icmai.in[/url] frequently as the information about the campus placement would be hosted there.
Best wishes,
The Institute of Cost Accountants of India
CMA Bhawan,
3, Institutional Area
Lodi Raod, New Delhi 110003
E-mail: [email protected]
Tips for candidates who are appearing for the campus interview programme scheduled Eligibility criteria:
1Should have passed/completed final CWA in December 2013 batch only.
2CV uploaded ICAI website for campus placement by 2nd March, 2014.
3The database of candidates who have uploaded their resumes at Institute website with brief details of candidates participating in the Campus interview is provided to the participating Companies. The final short listing from the database is done by the respective organizations at their sole discretion as per their recruitment policies.
4The shortlisted candidates are called for the interview at the campus Interview venue on the time slots and date specified. Participating companies make the presentation and share the other details relating to their companies to all the candidates at campus venue.
5ICAI does not hold itself liable for any consequences, legal or otherwise, arising out of use of such information by the respective organization. The mode of selection will also be determined by the Organization.
6The short listed students will be informed through email/SMS/Phone as the case may be. The students receiving calls have to appear for the selection process on the prescribed date, time and venue at their own expenses and arrangements. No request for change of venue/time/date will be entertained.
7A candidate will be permitted to appear for interview with four companies only. The moment He /She is offered job by any company (Spot offer/ Oral offer/ offer in the form of list given to the institute), he/she cannot participate in the placement process further. In case of Spot offer/ Oral offer, the candidate has the option to refuse the offer on the spot only.
8A candidate once selected by a Company will not be allowed to sit for further Placements.
9The region wise list of candidates registered for campus placement is hosted in the website. Candidates are permitted to appear for campus placement within their region, subject to 6 & 7 above.
Dress code:
*You are expected to follow a formal dress code (preferably black trousers, light color full hand shirts, a decent tie and black shoes for boys and ethnic dress like suits/sarees for girls)
*You are also expected to present yourself before the selection committee in such a way to enhance the image of the Institute as well of yours.
Documents to be brought :
The candidates have to bring following document while attending campus interview:
1Academic & Professional qualification certificates (all in original).
2Sufficient number of photocopies of relevant documents.
3Sufficient number of resume copies.
4Sufficient number of passport size colour photographs.
5Xth Class Passing certificate as proof of Date of Birth .
6SC/ST/Non Creamy OBC Caste Certificate and PH candidate certificate( if applicable).
7Eligibility of SC/ST/Central Govt. Non Creamy Layer OBC/PH candidates is subject to production of relevant valid certificate issued by competent authority and as per Govt. of India Performa and satisfaction of the company. Those not able to produce such certificate may not be allowed to appear in the selection process.
All the best

Please find the attached file for the list of question and some interview funda provided by the insitute


S.No. Location Date for Orientation Orientation Programme Venue
1. Chennai 30th March, 2014 (Sunday)
10.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
For in and around Chennai based candidates.
3rd April, 2014 (Thursday)
10.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.
For Outstation candidates
Programme on “Soft Skills & Interview Techniques” Management Hall', SIRC OF ICAI,
CMA BHAVAN, No.4, Montieth Lane,
Egmore, Chennai - 600 008
2. Delhi 11th April 2014 (Friday) Programme on “Soft Skills & Interview Techniques” To be announced shortly
3. Mumbai To be announced shortly Programme on “Soft Skills & Interview Techniques” To be announced shortly
4. Kolkata To be announced shortly Programme on “Soft Skills & Interview Techniques” To be announced shortly



                   I am sravan recently qulaLified CMA .First of all I am very thankful for your valuable information regarding Campus Placements and their percentage of job offers.I feel very enraged about the placements percentage of ICAI (cma ) compared to ICAI (ca).
                     I feel of every responsibility with ICAI ( cma ) in ensuring more Job Offers through Campus placements even at some how lower packages as it provides a gateway to our professional career. It might not be a haelthy fruit juice but can be reckoned as an oasis in the desert after continuous struggle of 3 or 4 years to qualify this Professional course.
                      Once again great regards for your information and hope The ICAI (cma) ensures increase in job offers through campus placements.
                                                                                                                                             This is Sravan Signing off......
                                                                                                                                              Grad . CMA....


thanks for sharing such an vital information for preparing campus interview. you have set the base right for the students.

special thanks to pramod & kaustabh !

hope it will help larger students of cma!

once again thanks keep sharing!


May 05, 2014, 11:59:17 pm #25 Last Edit: September 21, 2014, 03:09:41 pm by TechShristi
I have shared my overall campus experience and experience with WIPRO,Neyveli lignite and ITC at the following link:

hope this will help you to prepare well for your interview
WIPRO experience:
Neyveli Lignite Experience:

Personalized Interview Tips for CMA

and many more at

Aditi aher

Dear All,

I am a cma final level student. I want to ask one question that whether cma rank holders get selected in campus placements over first attempt students?? I know that rank or attempt is a very superficial criterion to judge anyone's talent or knowledge.... I am just asking this because of my curiosity because unlike ca or cs toppers cma toppers never get any publicity or media attention and it is very difficult to know about their future .... Like where do they work or whether they get selected in campus placement programmes? Does anyone know that??? Please share your views and information...


Hello Aditi;

First of all, don't worry about your future, whether it is CA,CS or CMA, all the three professional are one and same. Always remember you are the professional students, so dont bother about it. Of course as compared to CA, CMA students are lower expose but it is my intutuion that soon we will recognize the importance of the Costing and we will get the equal platform.Now coming to your query, If you are talking about the getting job in campus then my answer will NO. There will be no such preferential of toppers over  First attempt students.Going ahead, but if you are talking about the Shortlisting criteria then YES it make difference. Company prefer first attempt and Topper students over others. But remember there is no difference between first attempt and topper students.For company there First attempt and Topper students are one and same thing.To Sum up:First attempt and topper students are prefered over the other students for getting 'SHORTLISTED'. Many companies perfer first attempt students only. So if you have not cleared the exam in first attempt then you will not be shortlisted for the interview.Once you will get shortlisted, then you all will be at par.My Personal experience:My friends were not allowed to sit in interview because they had cleared the exam in 3 or 4 attempt. Please note i am talking about big companies only who prefer only first attempt students only. So you have to complete the CMA in first attempt.

My Suggestion and observation:

I strongly suggest you to complete the CMA in first attempt rather than completing the CMA with ranking. This is because for getting rank you have to appear both the group together and in that case the probability of getting pass decrease unless you are well prepared.

Now, suppose you get falied in exam then you will not able to complete the CMA in first attempt and you will loss the chance to get shortlisted for all companies. So better not to be over smart and appear the group wise exam and complete the same in first attempt.

Of course, if you are genious and well prepared then appear in both group, because it has its own merit.

If you like the our reply then please share this website with your friends, we need your help to share this articel with needy students.

Feel free to contact us any time.

At last please like us on facebook to stay in touch

FB page:https://www.facebook.com/TechShristi

FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/techshristi/


On behalf of aditi

Thank you so much for your reply..

I understood your view!
But i asked this query because i was in frustration after reading all this first attempt gossips everywhere.
I dont agree with you in certain points. I cleared foundation and inter exams(both groups) of cma in first attempt. I registered for final exam in june 2012 . I was about to give final exam in june 2013 but i never knew at that time that my life will take such a drastic turn wihich will shatter me.😔 i had severe food poisoning in that period which injured me internally so badly that i undergone operation to remove my damaged parts of intenstines twice....😔😔. I was a healthy person before but now i dont have enough stamina to study or do my basic daily chores .....i gave exam both groups  in dec 2013 but failed because of one subject only ... Again bad luck... Then my health worsen... So i switched to new syllabus in feb 2014 because i was not sure abt my health ... I was not sure whether will I cleare in old syllabus in just two attempts....
I dont want to gain any sympathy from u but i just want to say that life dont comes with rule book... U never know what will happen in next moment ... I dont want to complain but i am not going to accept this bull shit of first attempt madness.... I respect those who study hard and pass in first attempt... I dont want to offend them....but it simply doesnt mean that other students are useless... Just being a first attempt or merit student doesnt mean u r eligible for any job.... Other things also matter ...i know qualification matters first but students should be judged from their knowledge and understanding and not from all these criterions ... Its not only abt me but abt all those students who struggle daily in harsh ways .... Yes i want to be a rank holder not beacause i want any special treatment in campus selection but because i want to do my best.... I dont want to be the first but simply want to be the best .... I have some friends who passed in first attempts but not even got shortlisted in the last two campus placements while my some other friends who passed in two or three attempts got shortlisted and even get placed with nice salary.... Look in the end everyone is going to be a cma... But the way u reached that destination matters ... What happened with me was not within my control... I know world will not change or bend for me only... But i want yo prove myself.... I alwsys got rank from school till my M.Com not because i desired to be a merit student but just because of i always did my best in whatever i did ...i will give final exam both groups in june  2015 and i have already started preparations for it... I just got hurt after reading all these demotivating stuff on internet. First u get into that person's shoose and then u talk about other things... By reading 60-70 % of syllabus u can pass in first attempt but i dont think its a success... In the end hard work get paid off ... Those people who talk about first attempts should think that speed is important in life but direction is more important than it.... Edison inventedd bulb after failing 1000 times .... We always worship gr8 people for their failures and not for success ... I dont want to be dramatic here ... But i think i am just telling reality ... I know u get a chance only one time but life always give u other chances  too ...failure is important because only failure gives success a meaning.... I am not saying that you shouldnt study to pass in first attempt... I only mean to say that even if doesnt happen it doesnt mean u r finished....  I dont want to talk about campus selection procedures but i am sure about myself that in this world there will be atleast some organisations who want those people who have seen both darkness and light & have the ability to stand by thier own strength ... And not those who have seen only one side of life ..😊 
I read somewhere in your early posts someone has written that only first attempt students deserve to be in campus ... Why??? If it so then i would like to ask him how many gold medalists or toppers of our education system he knows at the present moment who changed or contributed to our country in a different way which we may not know??? I dont want to argue here but just trying to put my views... All students cant be first attempt or metit holder ... Then what abt others??? 😔  criticism should be creative.... 😊... I want to work hard so that i will not get blank in any interview when one ask me abt cost accounting record rules or standards.... In the end i just want to say that depth of ur knowledge , intelligence, devotion , hardwork  & perfomance are the only things which matters...☺️☺️☺️
Even our CMA target success booklet also says in the end that examination, academics is not the only thing ... Life is beyond it ...


November 04, 2014, 09:21:49 pm #29 Last Edit: November 04, 2014, 09:26:38 pm by TechShristi
Dear Aditi;First of all Let me tell you one thing, I completely agree wid you....... :) 

Now, coming to you Reply;

Dear it is true that first attempt will not decided your future. But dear why don't you understand that whatever i had replied is generic reply. When i had replied to your query, i had made a general statement. It is you, who had take it personally.

Going ahead, don't feel demotivated. Whatever i had replied is for campus placement. I was talking about the campus not for the CMA opportunities.Once you will complete the CMA, you will get the good job. To sum up I AGREE WITH YOU, IT WILL BE YOUR TALENT WHO WILL DECIDE YOUR FUTURE.

Going ahead, my dear friend, I am fully in favour of you. If you want any help feel free to contact us. But please make a note that we are living in a world where students are getting shortlisted on the based on 'first attempt' and 'rank holder'.

I am sharing my personal story with you:

Dear after passing my SSC, i wished to join 'Science', instead of 'Commerce'. But due to some unavoidable reason i couldn't. Whenever i said that i am commerce student, my friends doing science try to make me feel........u know science student are always given superior treatment. But you will be happy to know that till today i had never said anything on this.I had never written any article on this...and today i have proved my self. I had got a job offer from a well reputed companies.
Dear, I am personally attached to all CMA students. I wish instead of getting demotivate, do your best and prove me wrong. Work your best and prove that it is not only first attempt student who can get a good job.

Dear we are always there with you, prove all of them wrong...Go ahead....Remember we wish to hear from you once you get a good opportunity

Prove me wrong...that first attempt and rank holder have good opportunities. we are there with you.

At last, you will be happy to know that i know number of students who are earning more than me and even got placed in a well reputed companies though they are not a rank holder or a first attempt students.
I am sorry if you hurted by my words.


November 04, 2014, 09:21:49 pm #29 Last Edit: November 04, 2014, 09:26:38 pm by TechShristi

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