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Author Topic: Discontinuation of Coaching Completion Certificate (writing CC papers)  (Read 1042 times)

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Attention Students!

Sub: Coaching Completion Certificate for appearing in CS Executive/Professional Programme Examinations

It is informed that the Council of Institute has decided to do away with the requirement of coaching
completion certificate with immediate effect. This would make students eligible for enrolment to Executive  Professional Programme examinations after expiry of six months or nine months as the case may be, from the date of registration to the respective programme.
2. In view of the above, the following instruments shall be deleted / substituted as under:
2.1 Prospectus
i. Para 3.18 shall be deleted, and
ii. Para 3.20 shall be substituted.
2.2 Registration Letter
i. in Para 7 of the Registration Letter issued to Executive Programme Students the words “Postal / Oral Coaching“ shall be deleted. And
ii. In Para 5 of the Registration Letter issued to Professional Programme Students the words “Postal / Oral Coaching“ shall be deleted.
2.3 Important instructions (Sent along with Registration Letter) Paras pertaining to Test Papers, Title Sheet and Wrappers, and Posting of Response Sheets shall be deleted.
2.4 FAQs: Wherever there is reference to coaching completion certificate in publicity materials and FAQs, the same may be read in the above context.
The details of deletions/substitutions are at Annexure-I.
3. Henceforth, students of Executive Programme and Professional Programme are not  required to:
a. submit response sheets to test papers on various subjects to the Institute under Postal Tuition Scheme, or
b. obtain coaching completion certificate from the Institute or from Class Room Teaching Centres of the Institute, or
c. submit coaching completion certificate for enrollment to examinations of Executive and Professional Programmes.

(Sohan Lal)
Director (Student Services)

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