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Top 20 ideas of bussiness bazigars
« on: September 11, 2011, 02:20:43 AM »
sufi s:
Anyone followin Business Bazigar on Zee TV?
What started out as a promising reality show (ripped off from the Apprentice thho) turned into a damp squib....jus have a look at the 'ideas' of the top 20 contestants...

Ankur bhatnagar-New Delhi (IIT Guy!!!)

He is working with Cellnext providing solutions in mobile phone technology. He's also simultaneously working with on an ambitious transport project that will bring about a revolution in the way people travel.

The unimodel idea is to take public transport to the next generation by using an elevated network of routes to take people from one point to another. This will transport people at the speed of 160 kmph within a city! The vehicle used would look like a cable car but is fundamentally very different. These vehicles can change guide ways and directions.

( I the skybus proposed by the Konkan Railway any different?)


Currently working on her novel, previously was an editor for Business Economics - Kolkata.

Arundhati's idea is to start an exclusive shopping portal on the Internet. The idea is to essentially set up India's largest retail online mall so that people, from any part of India can just log on and order whatever they want from the website.

(Do we really need this?)

Ashutosh's idea is to establish a theme park based on the epic Ramayana. The idea just came to him when he thought he could have Lord Ram as a heroic symbol and his story could be educational, traditional as well as a medium of entertainment and learning.

(ok..but cud be too controversial)


Ashwani is now studying Electronics Engineering (1st year) from Netaji Subhash engineering College, Kolkata.

Ashwini's idea is to set up a commercial website that will offer people the chance to win items for just Rs.10-

( ebay ?? )

Damodar (senior of the lot)

Damodar`s idea is to develop a cheaper form of cotton from the plant kheemp found widely in Rajasthan.

(worth considering)


Irfan`s idea is to systematise the working of all the rickshaw pullers by bringing them under one roof, raise their standards of living and simultaneously provide the public a better, more efficient transport system.

( Rickshaw union??? )


Leena`s idea is to start an organisation that will exclusively deal with the problems and grievances of foreign tourists and NRIs in India. Clearly, the idea evolved from her keen interest and substantial background in catering. She has been working on this particular idea for the last 4 years

( dont we have a 'good for nothin' Tourism ministry already? )


Mahesh’s idea is to start a chain of service apartments all over India.
He believes that when you live in a hotel, however luxurious it may be, you`ll soon get bored and fed up of living within the four walls of your room. You`ll miss home food. You`ll miss the places you eat out in your hometown. You`ll miss the kind of music you like listening to. But if you`re living somewhere where you can cook, have entertainment facilities and ample space to move around, then you`ll certainly prefer a service apartment as opposed to a hotel.

( not a novel concept...such apartments already exists)


Manish`s idea is to make special laminated panel from recycled paper that can replace the use of wood in packaging.
He was previously involved in a packaging business and therefore, has a sound knowledge in the field. This special laminated panel, which was made from recycled paper to replace wood in packaging, was tried and tested a year ago when he did packaging with a defence material research organisation. This idea only needs financial backing.

( one of the better ideas) :sunny:


Ali`s idea is to set up a company exclusively for optic fibre splicing. This process is being done individually or on a smaller scale but there is no company that`s doing it on a big scale.

( the Tatas are ialready into this business!!)


Nahid's idea is to run mobile vans (Roti-Van) that will sell a variety of fresh, hot rotis across the city.

( jus a stroll outside Fort, churchgate durin lunch time..u will find Maharastrian ladies doling out lovely homemade food)


Nandini`s idea is to run a chain of juice bars that will offer tasty, nutritious juices at affordable prices. The juice bar will be trendy and will cater to all sections of people from a from a posh business man to a rickshaw-wallah. Hygiene and top property will be top priority.

(No comments ;) )


Partha`s idea is to sell good mineral water in small cups on a mass scale. In most places in India, one easily finds bottles of mineral water, which only some people can afford. The concept of selling water in cups evolved when Partha worked as a sales trainee and was on sales calls everyday, spending a good number of hours on the roads. If Partha has his way, you will be able to buy a glass of mineral water for a minimal cost of approximately Re 1 or Rs 2. The used glass can be returned to the attendant. The idea seriously evolved in the year 2000 and a 4-day test run was done as well.

( Packaged glasses are already availabe for Rs.2 !!)

Prakash, Pune

I targeted the puja samagri material market – that is the material you require when you go to a big temple. It is a commodity market now, which I wanted to change into a branded market. At present, when you go to a temple and you have to buy puja material, you don`t know the brand, so you have to rely on the retailer. The retailer could be bad; he could charge you extra money. So I wanted to create a national brand for puja material so that when you go to a temple you ask for material of my brand.

( Strictly no comments) :crazy:


Puneet’s idea is to recycle plastic PET bottles to make PET bottles and make textile fibers, sleeping bags, technical insulating material etc.

The idea evolved after past work experiences with metal scrap and other environmental organisations. Pet scrap can generate a lot of other products like sleeping bags, car bumpers, sweaters etc. There is also a huge demand for these products in China, Vietnam, India and Philippines. So, why not export the product rather than import it?

( worth appreciating his concern for the nature)


Rakhee`s idea is to start a shopping-cum-entertainment mall exclusively for men.

The idea is to open a retail store, which is a one-stop shop for men. Women have a lot of options to shop and spend time outside, but men don’t: It is assumed that men don`t like shopping.

So, the idea is to have a complete male zone where men would not only be able to shop for clothes and other day-to-day needs, but also have a lot of avenues of entertainment. All their needs would be under one roof – they can buy and hang out there. Nothing like this exists in the whole world.

( But will men go to a shoppin center where there are only males for company


Satyajit`s idea is to expand his Makhana business on a global scale.

Satyajit is a businessman. For the last four years, he`s been at the helm of a factory called Shakti Sudha, which makes products from Makhana. Makhana is an aquatic crop that is found mostly in Bihar. It is organic, fat - free and edible, and has been recently commended by a heart institute in the US. Satyajit has an interesting array of new innovative and healthy products made from Makhana like Makhana Chips (a healthier alternative to potato chips), Makhana instant kheer and other products. Therefore he is looking at expanding the array of products of makhana. And he’s also in consultation with CFTRI (Central Food Technical Research Institute) in Mysore to develop certain baby-weaning foods made from Makhan.

( jus like Soy Milk from Peta ??? )


Sudhish`s idea is to manufacture low-cost sanitary napkins that can be made available in remote rural areas.


Swati’s idea is to introduce Internet and other services in Indian railways.
With the InTrain Net (Railways Project), Swati wants to refurbish the Railways and add things that will go a long way in enhancing their image and utility. In long distance trains, she’s mainly looking at a compartment in which there`ll be computers with Internet access. She also feels the need to introduce entertainment options like games, a book store, a coffee shop and also regular stock-market updates and trading facilities. She sees her idea as not so much a money-making venture, but one that is viable and problem-solving.

(Jab tak rahega centre me Laloo..will it be ever possible ? )

Vinnie`s idea is to start shoe laundries across the city. She reasons that one would prefer to give expensive pairs of shoes to some professional who would help you maintain it, rather than have to buy it again.

( Already read abt atleast one shoe laundry somewhere in South Mumbai)

Now after readin all these 20 Great u still wanna know more abt this program???
I personally feel there are much better ideas waitin to be discovered somehere in rural India...the one who is not havin a cellphone to send his SMS to participate in this "reality' show...
Somewhere theres an amphibian bicycle ..there's a 3 wheeler tractor...there's a wind operated cellphone charger...there's a walkin stick for the blind (which beeps wheever an obstruction is detected)....
and many many many more....Can these people get a platform???

Do try to pick your choice for the best idea amongst these 20 "exciting" ideas.
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Top 20 ideas of bussiness bazigars
« on: September 11, 2011, 02:20:43 AM »

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