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DOT NET Projects
« on: November 21, 2011, 05:26:09 PM »
DOT NET Projects


vehicle insurance policy

trainee management system
yahoo ID Scan
State bank Personal account
web traffic analyser
text to sppech
online student module performance
Schedular for exam
patient management system
<!-- m --> ...<!-- m -->
speech recognition library

project planning management
speech recognition system
online shooping cart
quiz competition
school managmement
sat online TV
master mind game
mobile shop project
online purchase
online school registration
job portal website
onlin db administration
library managment
online course
library managment system
online resume mart
hardware information
inventory system
hotel management system
artificial intelligence algorithm
image gallery
internet banking
hotel management system
hotel management system
employee management
direct recognition module
email address verification
family talk chat
e commerce website
e billing and invoice system
employee management system
employee information system
direct multimedia library
 consumer complaints<!-- m -->[url= ...
computerized enrollment system
credit card validator
content management system
crm call centre management ...
direct multimedia library ...
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DOT NET Projects
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